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tv   Headline News  RT  June 7, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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washington to fan the sweeping surveillance of millions of it are now uses over seven years saying it only spied on foreigners outside the country. american china ready for in the formal meeting in california but finger pointing over cyber attacks and flaring tension over washington's military build up in china's backyard. and president putin is set to become officially single after he and his wife announced their marriage is over what they called an amicable split after thirty years of being together.
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this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshing welcome to the program u.s. intelligence confirms it's collecting the private messages of internet users but the fans the move claiming the mass surveillance was targeting only non-u.s. persons outside the country earlier british and american papers reported that the u.s. was tapping directly into the service servers of leading american internet companies getting access to personal e-mails photos and documents leaked court order has become the first hard evidence of washington sweeping data collection program or he's an associate you're going to has more after i pop in news that america's national security agency has been collecting information on millions of customers of one of the country's biggest telecommunications providers verizon further information of the extent of surveillance conducted by u.s. officials has leaked out nine major internet companies they include google of facebook. you tube apple a.o.l. and pal talk have been used by the f.b.i.
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and the national security agency to monitor photos videos e-mails audio and all other sorts of information tracking a sweeping scope of individual's online activity as reported by the guardian and the washington post a highly classified program dubbed prism accounts for almost one in seven intelligence reports made by the n.s.a. to the u.s. president and congress this is of course the first time that this prism program has been publicly brought to light u.s. officials in particular members of congress aware of this program have been keeping quiet about the sweeping activity of violating the privacy of american citizens and of course so all of this comes after secret court order was obtained by the guardian and uploaded online this document revealed that the u.s. telecom giant of arise and has been giving the n.s.a. information on absolutely all of the phone calls being made within the united states as well as between the u.s. and foreign countries according to the secret court order which was issued as we
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know in april and expires july nineteenth phone calls of millions of americans are being traced through horizon absolutely regardless of whether or not there is reason to suspect that subscribers are involved in any criminal activity and it's also been disclosed that this operation has actually been ongoing since two thousand and six and renewed every three months you can courier and activists for the civil rights organization answer coalition says the scope of the surveillance might not only have domestic but also global implications. fairly a very very massive database of millions of citizens of almost all of their activities what they're doing and there's quite a bit you can construct from knowing every single place you go every day who you talk to and how you talk to them i can tell you quite a bit about and this is being collected on millions and millions of citizens completely indiscriminately which means there's a giant database of american citizens activities when a daily basis that the government has under its control and is keeping under secret
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lock and key and we have no idea how they can use it we can use in many harmful way there's a wide range of people around the world who could be affected by this i mean imagine something as simple as say your college and roommate was from russia and you stay in contact and you continually talk to each other that could be something that the government could decide. create some sort of pattern about you given what happened in the boston bombing and then they can use that as a pretext to search your entire house and so i think certainly that not only national international will see some concerns rates. now turkey's prime minister seems on shaken by the protests against his rule that have swept the country have type aragon branded the demonstrations on lawful and accuse them of turning into vattel isn't calling for an immediate and to the end rest he was cheered by sauza of supporters upon returning home from a trip abroad those gathered at the airport chanting that they are ready to die for already gone meanwhile tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators packed
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cities across the country afghan calling for his resignation all began as a peaceful sit in against a park innovation and a stamp taksim square stern into the worst unrest in decades consistently fueled by accusations of it policies of the police as having had a dispersal of protesters at least three people were killed and thousands and in this week of clashes and some are already voicing fear a step might not be long before the military is called in to quell the unrest. many generals and even former chief of staff of turkey are in prison now i mean this is a very special situation when they are waiting for the developments because the arab in me will take. control although only if there will be more serious disturbances their way they may be the prime minister in the president will start negotiating with the demonstrators maybe it will be
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a peace in process i mean they're still waiting for something good to happen but if instead of negotiating with his own people the prime minister will keep conveying to them he's tough message even storing them up more then the you will see next week a week after a somewhat saying from the army and turkey as you know it has a culture all kind of fiction military regime democracy democracy military these things happen to them in the past and nobody will be surprised if it were. it happened again. and one of the main things the protesters accuse the government of forcing conservative islamic values in turkey that has been staunchly secular for nearly a century the ataturk cultural center in taksim square also said to be demolished as part of redevelopment plans has become a symbol of the current struggle now reports. it's been a week since the violent dispersal of protests here in taksim square and goes the
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park and let's take a look at one of the most important fixtures or other structures that have been here for quite some time and it's right behind me the ataturk cultural center now it's decorated with posters and slogans but that's not how it was a week ago it backed it was slated for demolition so why is it important for people in taksim what kind of significance does it carry for turkish people not just in istanbul but all over the country well let's go inside and take a look and find out the a cam used to house ballet and opera and was essentially a source of pride for the turks people for them it was a representation of the cultural and political heritage left over by kemal ataturk but everyone said ballet is not an arch worthy of the turkish people not something that turkey should be looking in aspiring to and decided to demolish this art house you can see in order to make way for a new op or house a lot of people see this demolition as an attempt by anyone to go backwards instead of going forwards to do away with the with the ideas that were brought here by the turks and to bring in one's own ideas into basically you can say that at this point
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a key m. is sort of assistance held for the protesters they you can say took this fortress by force on saturday evening or the protesters in istanbul this really was a pivotal moment this was the moment when they felt that they are at least for that particular moment to remove the bottle it's a symbol of resistance it's a symbol of protest it's a symbol really of the turkish people coming together and saying we will not let go of our heritage we will hold on to it even if it is dilapidated and is slated for demolition doesn't matter what the prime minister wants in this symbol. now we're closely following the situation in turkey as we have been from the very beginning of the timeline of the unrest and why a mob dates are available twenty four seven in our website which is r.t. dot com.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. of smiles and warm handshakes are expected in california later in the day were the u.s. and chinese leaders meet for their first summit but behind the diplomacy there is a range of prickly subjects between the two with washington accusing beijing of launching its cyber war against it and as artie's morita board nine are reports the u.s. counter measures go well beyond being purely to fancy. after months of muscle flexing comes the handshaking u.s. president barack obama and chinese president xi jinping will likely play nice for the cameras but behind the closed california mansion doors of this first bilateral summit a tense talk over
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a cyber espionage hacking and rules of virtual engagement think of it as well as the jumble of biological weapons convention so one can make fuel sorts of weapons but most countries agree not to do so or to use the. same thing is true of cyber everyone's going to be asked and nations are knowledgeable we can agree perhaps not to attack the children's interests or at least not to start doing however the u.s. has repeatedly accused the rising asian giant of widespread computer hacking just last week a report by the defense science board said nearly forty pentagon weapons programs and almost thirty other defense technologies were compromised by hackers some directly tied to the chinese military and government u.s. manufacturers have also accused china of stealing patents and designs of high technology we're also clear eyed about the challenges in china. united nations expressed their concern about the growing threat of cyber intrusion some of which
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appear to be tied to the chinese government and military china's defense ministry has consistently denied claims that its military is engaged in hacking and in turn pointed the finger at washington the country's top internet security official recently claimed to have mountains of data pointing to extensive u.s. hacking aimed at china later this month the country will be holding unprecedented military drills with special i.t. units and even nato is debating whether it needs a manual on cyber wars while washington casts china as the world's most dangerous virtual threat the u.s. has been cementing plans to take down the enemy billions have reportedly been spent to create forty teams of cyber agents that will allegedly serve to thwart hackers while simultaneously launching offensive attacks against adversaries a cyber battlefield that many believe the u.s. can't affectively control you have
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a government with many secure security holes in it you have a corporate sector that can't keep its information secure i am seeing this as a war in which the united states is not winning no matter the allowed resources it is putting in or the tough talk and even experts at home say now is the time for the us to be working together with leading nations like china to establish norms for cyber space activity we want a global resilient open and secure internet if the u.s. and china fail to reach consensus on how to cooperate in cyberspace the consequence many believe could lead to a virtual cold war between the world's two largest economies and charted territory that could inevitably turn the internet into a dangerous platform where friends become foes reporting from new york marina are today. well apart from the digital world though the speculation that the u.s.
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and china are on the verge of trade war beijing's rapid expansion is obviously causing concern in washington as china is about to complete a deal to take over a u.s. company well we are now joined by our business news guru katie feel bremer has got all the latest for us kid obviously there's a lot of talk about during these talks in washington trade wise and otherwise we're going to be focusing on trade here so talk us through all the highs and lows and there really are i think at the end of the day these guys that rivals in a china is catching at phenomenal rate of growth over the last three decades they're just behind the u.s. just now at the end of the day china they spend billions in the u.s. which is something people don't often think about already this year they spent over ten billion dollars here's a huge huge amount and really big that it counts for a fifth of all foreign purchases so the spending a lot of money but the happen tensions in the past and one that springs to mind is to do with the current say the u.s. it was accused of deliberately manipulating to give their exporters the upper hand
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remember they were keeping the world really tense about. china invest a lot of a lot from the u.s. so what days of the china buys from that i gave the idea that all products. i mean there is a trade separation as we'll be able to see but china do buy a lot of goods and the u.s. essential to china as well one product that might surprise you is china buy a lot of for you baines would you believe that top import from the u.s. but china has a quarter of the u.s. debt just as you can see but they bought a lot of other things as well we've got them or oil company is a company is real estate they love them or their hotels they love their pork marine are actually there but they're actually the biggest consumer of pork in the world and i'm surprised i mean look yes there is i love rapid expansion and actually investment. into
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a lot of sectors there yeah indeed freemont so as i say more than ten billion dollars so that spending their money they've got a lot of disposable income to do that with but as you say there's a big deal going on at the moment i wanted to mention it's worth four point seven billion dollars and it's the purchase of smithfield by china's largest meat producers shoe and high international it goes to be the biggest deal in the history of china so they love the port that much and also they want to tap into the base industry as well so that's going to be on the agenda this week is going to be poked and it's going to be a base all right well apart from that it's going to be a lot of other issues but that's certainly we'll keep our minds busy and we'll be focusing on what's happening there whether this deal is complete for now ok thanks very much indeed for bringing us the very latest from the world of business. now saying twice before becoming a modern day robin hood in the u.k. there is a chance i might end up in jail for a decade for sharing movies and songs for free.
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but i'll talk about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but. no i will leave a comment on your mind. to carry any comments on the job. well done i. think you know more weasely. when you need a direct question. for a change when you. get ready for a. critical speech a little different to money. thank
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. you. welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to live from moscow president why they were put in has announced that his marriage is over and being months of speculation about his private life the announcement came in a joint interview with his wife on russian state television were they called it an amicable split off or on the high profile the boris let's now across life respond. and actually so was this concession a surprise. well if we say that this bit of news came as a complete surprise i would say nothing at all mainly because in the history of modern russia the history of soviet russia and in the times before that none of the
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top officials have ever made their family problems public in fact never voiced their divorce. they made it to the public i mean the last time something like this happened was more than three centuries ago with peter the first the great russian tsar in the case of putin's family there has been mounting speculation in the media especially the tabloid media about the of the climate of relations between the president and his wife this has been going on for several years already well now officially all these rumors have been quashed by the president and his and his wife ironically despite that the couple has been rarely seen at public different public events and have rarely been making comments about each other this decision the difficult decision by the port of family was made public at an event at bally show in fact it was not made public by a press release by means of a press release the putin couple spoke to state t.v. camera straight after the show and let's listen to how they explained their
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difficult decision. due to the sort of go to susan relations my job and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't some people simply incompatible with such a lifestyle that my wife has done a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual. appreciation. like that of most said it was insights mutual decision a marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up they need their own lives now that it feels he says i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. well the internet in the morning is literally blew up with reactions and comments
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on the news about the presidential divorce with president certainly getting a lion's share of the criticism because of this decision mainly because the decision was made public as i've said nothing like this has ever happened before in the history of modern day russia but there have been those of course as well who have been supportive of the president mainly because it would certainly take some nerve to make such a decision public regardless of how you look at it regardless of all the reactions and comments to the presidential divorce that may be in fact a sign of things to come that putin has been traditionally keeping all his family business to himself he's been secretive about things happening in his family it seems that by making the divorce decision public you no longer wants this trend to continue and he wants to be open to the society showing that even the leader of the country as huge as russia he has nothing to hide or like thanks very much indeed and obviously the stop it will stay center stage in the media for some time for now it's a thank you for the sub date. and to let's take
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a look at some other stories making news around the world the number of hunger strikers at guantanamo bay detention camp who are being force fed has risen to forty one nearly a quarter of all the inmates according to the military the total number of protesters is now one hundred three and that's despite president obama's pledge last month to shut down the camp and move half the detainees that have been cleared for transfer the process of force feeding has been can damn by the u.n. a man times described as inhumane by the international medical community. hundreds of left wing activists have staged a protest in paris following the death of a teenager allegedly beaten to death by members of a far right group clement merrick a nineteen year old student belonged to the anti-fascist action movement the french interior ministry announced that four suspects have already been arrested. south korea has accepted an invitation from north korea to open talks on the
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restarting joint projects goshi asians are expected to include the close case song industrial zone where production came to hold in april the closure of left tens of thousands of people without work pulled all staff from the area seen as one of the last symbols of cooperation between the north and south the date for the talks as yet to be announced now want to make a living sharing movies and music be prepared to pay half the price in the u.k. owners of moneymaking torrent websites are facing up to ten years behind bars for cutting copyright holders out of profits r.t. sarah firth has the details. whether it's watching your favorite t.v. . listening to music or maybe airing music with a file sharing is growing ever more popular and as its popularity to the file sharing site the torrent. link that's
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a great popularity we've seen in the u.k. authorities alone with record company labels. on precedent and torrent site campaign the first sign of clampdown by the u.k. authorities came in the form of a letter from the national intelligence and then it warned that they found guilty of certain offenses to face ten imprisonment we're here to talk torrance with us unto him by this little policy blog. thank you for joining us i think of you first of all let's clear up because you can see here you know people on earth and all that compete is listening to music watching videos when it comes to torrents and sharing fights in the galaxy what's legal what's not well that's one of the problems it's a completely gray area. if you take a copy of somebody else's picture or music and stick it on your website for instance i would if you provide a link to somebody else's story that same content then providing that link on the
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u.k. law is technically illegal however if you create a website with thousands of stuff and you can. make money from that web site under british law under law there has been a prosecution it's a ratcheting up of the rhetoric and these are actually nothing more because nothing is turned in the more since these lessons have been issued so anybody running a tour of websites are prosecuted under similar legislation could expect to receive a sentence which is four years in prison ok well we're certainly going to be keeping a very closely on what happens with the investigations will bring you of. london . and coming up it's time to crunch the number is there a financial show prime interest as after the break.
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the school board in batavia illinois has decided to punish one teacher for his bad behavior by putting him on a strict probation player what did he do to be deserve be part of this probation plan to do select punch a student in the face or to go on some sort of horribly racist or sexist ranted for the class no he just reminded the students that as americans they have the right to not incriminate themselves to put it more simply he told the students that they didn't have to answer a question will survey about drug and alcohol use and their emotional state since the data from this questionnaire would be sent back to the private company that created it this raises even more privacy issues than just the school knowing about the students personal lives i would like to commend this teacher john dryden for actually going above and beyond and telling the children something they need to dial you know if you're going to live in
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a society based on individual rights it would help to actually teach children what those rights are but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom parker is a big fish. good afternoon and welcome the prime interests i'm terry and boring i'm in washington d.c. let's get to our headlines. druggy it disappoint the markets that is always a bit of a long shot of the european central bank she put further ease rates after rising at
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the last meeting that will last brisk market sold off on the new some are close to entering a bear market territory or fall to one percent decline off last month we talked today with head hedge fund manager kyle herring to end all of this and more. and you've probably heard of or high frequency trading but there's another meanest sounding corner of the market called dark pools in the private exchanges where traders can make big transactions and start without tipping off the markets that the rest of us trade on the wall street journal reports that the regulator is probing into the shadowy corners and now command about thirteen percent of all equity trading some of the largest our goals are operated by barclays goldman and create sweets and vendor a is attempting to determine if the firm's priority trading is using the firm's own dark pools to manipulate the market. finally more bad news for our fair headed once a favorite banker jamie diamond looks like j.p.
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morgan is set to lose one point six billion dollars on some allegedly shady deals with jefferson county alabama according to bloomberg that's because it's the lead in arranging risky security deals that pushed the county into the largest us municipal bankruptcy good luck at the next shareholder meeting to be a get to what's in your prime interest. during the financial crisis the term too big to fail came to prominence as the
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federal reserve and treasury arranged for bailouts for some of the largest financial institutions dodd frank attempted to remedy this by creating the financial stability oversight council or we call f. stock is composed of representatives by most u.s. regulators in the chair it by the treasury secretary jack lew is mission is to basically get rid of too big to fail by first identifying potential large firm threats and then monitoring them along with the markets on an ongoing basis it has already designated certain banks as the cynically important financial institutions or cities and as stock had them submit so-called living wills these are plans to wind down the financial firm should it become insolvent but it's not only banks that can be designated as cities insurance companies clearing houses and others could potentially cause systemic risk as well and only recently three companies two insurers and one lender and now if they had been sent notice by of sock that they would be on the.


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